Why you should work at Ardent:

Reason 1

Many employees qualify for tuition reimbursement for continuing education.

Reason 2

We support our employees’ desire to continue their education and career advancement.

Reason 3

We equip our leaders and then give them the space they need to lead.

Reason 4

Our leaders enjoy full corporate support along with autonomy to lead in the field as they see fit.

Reason 5

Our leaders empower their employees to perform at a high level.

Reason 6

Our leaders appreciate great ideas no matter where they come from.

Reason 6

Our leaders appreciate great ideas no matter where they come from.

Reason 7

Our leaders implement strategies and policies based on input from their entire teams.

Reason 7

Our leaders implement strategies and policies based on input from their entire teams.

Reason 8

We support the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by many of our employees.

Reason 9

As leaders emerge from our workforce, their skills and abilities are honed

Reason 10

Our Leadership Development Program is one of the industry’s best.

Reason 11

Through our Leadership Development Program, many of our employees have

Reason 12

Many of our corporate employees started in entry-level positions in various facilities.

Reason 13

Ardent supports our employees through Wellness Initiatives. Healthier employees are happier employees.

Reason 14

We encourage wellness by offering discounts on insurance premiums to healthy employees.

Reason 15

Employees who meet prescribed wellness goals can save up to $100 a month on their family’s insurance premium.

Reason 16

Employees who meet prescribed wellness goals can save up to $50 a month on their insurance premium.

Reason 17

Our benefits package covers medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs.

Reason 18

We offer a robust benefits package with discounts on premiums for healthy employees.

Reason 19

We provide opportunities and incentives for our employees to lead healthier lives.

Reason 20

While other employers are dropping certain coverages, our benefits package includes dental, vision and prescription drugs.

Reason 21

We offer a competitive pay structure to ensure we attract the best talent.

Reason 22

We stay relevant in a fierce job field by offering competitive pay and benefits.

Reason 23

We offer our talented employees competitive pay with many opportunities for growth and advancement.

Reason 24

We believe in promoting from within.

Reason 25

We believe in recognizing and awarding excellence.

Reason 26

We have many employees who have been with us for decades

Reason 27

Our employees often find themselves first in line for in-network job advancement.

Reason 28

Our network of facilities offers access to many jobs, allowing our people to find their niche.

Reason 29

With our range of facilities, employees have the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest.

Reason 30

Our expansive network of facilities creates many opportunities career advancement with one employer.

Reason 31

Our employees frequently name us as an employer of choice.

Reason 32

In the various cities where we operate facilities, we are frequently named an employer of choice.

Reason 33

Our mission, our philosophy and our values guide every decision we make.

Reason 34

We are driven by our mission to deliver health care services with compassion.

Reason 35

Our mission is to deliver health care with respect for our patients, physicians, employees and other health professionals.

Reason 36

It is our mission to operate with accountability for our fiscal and ethical performance.

Reason 37

Part of our mission as an organization is to operate responsibly within the communities we serve.

Reason 38

One of our values: We are dedicated to meeting the health care needs of our patients.

Reason 39

One of our values: We treat patients, employees, physicians and others with respect and compassion.

Reason 40

One of our values: We partner with physicians to provide the best care possible for our patients.

Reason 41

One of our values: We work to foster a fulfilling and challenging workplace for all.

Reason 42

One of our values: We continuously seek ways to improve the quality of care delivered to our patients.

Reason 43

One of our values: We act with responsibility and accountability in the communities we serve.

Reason 44

One of our values: We expect 100% compliance with ethical and regulatory standards.

Reason 45

One of our values: We are dedicated to providing a fair return for our investors.

Reason 46

From our unique philosophy: We believe in partnering with employees and physicians to improve quality of care, patient safety, and customer service, and we measure all three continuously.

Reason 47

From our unique philosophy: We reinvest in our facilities - helping our hospitals expand services, enhance technology and add new programs that fulfill their missions.

Reason 48

From our unique philosophy: We are committed to indigent care and community participation.

Reason 49

From our unique philosophy: We empower local management and support physician involvement, and we share our successes and leverage best practices.

Reason 50

David T. Vandewater, Ardent’s President and CEO, has more than 30 years of health care management experience.

Reason 51

Ardent’s President and CEO, David T. Vandewater, is a past chairman of the Federation of American Hospitals.

Reason 52

Ardent’s executive leadership team represents more than a century of health care administration and practice expertise.

Reason 53

Ardent hires based on qualifications but places special emphasis on finding a good fit for our culture.

Reason 54

We believe that the best employee will have the right qualifications and will also fit seamlessly in our culture.

Reason 55

We place a high value on our organization’s culture, and that shows in the people we hire.

Reason 56

Across our entire organization, we are continuously involved in community outreach.

Reason 57

Through outreach projects and initiatives, we’re always improving the communities we’re a part of.

Reason 58

We’re active in community outreach because we care about our friends and neighbors, and we want to be a positive member of our cities and communities.

Reason 60

We provide continuous support to our facilities. But we rely on them to tell us the best way to serve their unique communities.

Reason 61

Our facilities deliver custom-tailored care that is suited for the communities in which they serve.

Reason 62

Every day, our employees are striving to find ways to improve our company and the care we provide.

Reason 63

As a leader in health care, we refuse to rest on our laurels. We are constantly evolving and improving.

Reason 64

Our facilities promote healthier living through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Reason 65

We value

Reason 66

We believe that a diverse workplace leads to balance and better care for patients.

Reason 67

We are committed to keeping our facilities on the cutting edge of medical technology.

Reason 68

Significant investments are made to keep technology up to date.

Reason 69

Cutting edge technology for our employees means better communication and better care for our patients.

Reason 70

Employees are encouraged to participate in our health assessment and wellness program offered through Bravo Wellness.

Reason 71

Our wellness program encourages employees to make healthy choices for living well.

Reason 72

All participants in our employee wellness program receive a discount on their insurance premiums.

Reason 73

Employees who excel in our wellness program are eligible for significant discounts on their health insurance premiums.

Reason 74

Employees have access to free, confidential counseling services through our Employee Assistance Program.

Reason 75

Employees can use a Flexible Spending Account for everyday medical and dental-related expenses.

Reason 76

Ardent provides basic life insurance coverage for all eligible employees.

Reason 77

Ardent provides basic accident insurance coverage for all eligible employees.

Reason 78

Ardent provides basic Long-Term Disability insurance coverage for all eligible employees.

Reason 79

Ardent provides a very attractive 401(k) matching program.

Reason 80

Ardent matches 100% of the first 3% that employees contribute to their 401(k), and 50% of the next 2%.

Reason 81

For a flat fee of $25 a month, our Blue Cross/Blue Shield members get unlimited access to a nationwide network of participating fitness centers.

Reason 82

Participants in our fitness program earn points that can be redeemed for fitness and sports equipment, electronics, cookware, home goods and more.

Reason 83

Employees in Albuquerque, Tulsa and Nashville start with a pool of 25 days of paid time off (including holidays) to be used throughout the year.

Reason 84

Along with paid holidays, employees start with more than two weeks of paid time off.

Reason 85

Ardent encourages employees to lead healthier lives with gym discounts, running and cycling teams and weight loss programs at many of our locations.

Reason 86

Employees who enroll in our medical plan receive discounts when seeking services at an Ardent facility.

Reason 87

Participants in our wellness program receive a 20+ page personalized health status report that gives them valuable information regarding their health.

Reason 88

Employee discounts are available for many goods and services, including mobile phones.

Reason 89

Employee discounts are available for many goods and services, including personal computers.

Reason 90

Employee discounts are available for many goods and services, including home appliances

Reason 91

Employee discounts are available for many goods and services, including airfare and other travel expenses.

Reason 92

Ardent facilities support charitable organizations like the March of Dimes Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

Reason 93

Last year, Ardent donated over a quarter of a million dollars to charitable organizations at local, regional and national levels.

Reason 94

Ardent facilities are actively involved with local business organizations and Chambers of Commerce to promote a growth and best practices.

Reason 95

Ardent facilities provide financial support for many child-focused charities like the Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters and CASA.

Reason 96

Some of Ardent’s facilities provide direct support to local police and firefighters through charity events.

Reason 97

Ardent facilities support the Special Olympics through charity sponsorships.

Reason 98

Ardent facilities support community organizations such as Elks Lodges and Rotary Clubs.

Reason 99

Multiple Ardent facilities support affiliates of Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

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